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Funny Stuff (10 pages of pranks & gags)

Hook the Auto Fooler to a hot source of a car and watch the prank do its job.  Looks like the engine is smoking.  The Auto Fooler can be hooked to a lawnmower, motorcycle or any engine.  This prank is recommended for adults 18 yrs and older.

FFA 163-Auto Fooler                                                                         2.99/each

Classic Toys (4 of pages classic toys)

Gyroscopic forces have amazed mankind for hundreds of years.  Now these amazing forces are yours.  If you can master the forces, you can perform feats that seem to defy gravity.  Complete instructions, pedestal and string included.

FFA 147-Gyroscope                                                                        7.99/each

Classic Games

The classic 60's game of explosive fun!  This intense game requires keen concentration and a sensitive touch.  Players accumulate points by carefully removing the colored pieces.  One false move and the tension bar snaps, sending pieces flying everywhere! Made of wood.

FFA 075-Booby Trap                                                                       17.95/each


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